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Electrons of time

(published 31 October 2011)

It’s 5 pm on Halloween; dusk; the end of October, the eve of November and all hallows. These endings and beginnings seem only infinitesimally small marks on a continuum, rather than events with a real scope. The electrons of time. Comprehensible yet indescribable (and how apt that the last letters of that last word are so close to babble).

The donut is blown, ideas have been propagated, knowledge transferred, thoughts translated into other forms. And yet for me this process continues, with knowledge still distilling and being regurgitated in altered shapes. I continue to make things that are expressions of the time spent and information learned whilst I have woven the course of this process. Art. But this blog will end here. It is transmogrifying into another, a continuum of the work under another title. ‘Virtually resident’, the words that directly report my time as Leverhulme artist in residence at the University of Surrey, ends today. And do I have a final comment on which to close? I would caution my fellow makers against Residences that are geographically removed from their residences, it is a challenge. And what of silicon photonics? The process of science marches on. Today the population of the world purportedly reached seven billion; there is an ever increasing need for efficiency in our utilisation of resources; there is much for us to do to ease the existence of humanity. There is so much potential in seven billion people, so much that we have yet to do and discover. 

For me, part of my immediate future endeavour (my beatific vision?) is taking the form of words and images relating to science, silicon photonics, art, as a book, of which you can read more here. And so my final word here in conclusion (and which is, after all, merely the marking of a minutely transient moment)? I think it will simply be inconclusion.

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