august 29, 2014

There is much physical work to be done to comply with the required dominion over incessant productivity here.

As I write the grey afternoon light is fading and the richness of the greens without is deepening. Signs of amber on the fringes of the ginkgo denote the approaching season change. The birds and insects are quiet; the intermittently gusty wind contributes to the dynamism of the view. A lone hummingbird hawk moth, zooming, feasts on nectar from the purple buddleia flowers, which glow amidst the green.

Caring for this garden strikes me as akin to being let loose to look after the garden of eden - utterly inadequately equipped to appreciate all that is there, having the merest capability for the role, learning practical necessities at an infinitessimally slow pace, the relentlessness of its growing overwhelming;

frequently stupified by wonder.