HOLEY VESSELS (mineral, bottle, pebble, vessel)

these objects were created from sea glass collected in Scotland and Cornwall. they were made in response to a train of thought about our ability to recreate historic events from partial or damaged data sets - it is very difficult to reconstruct a whole from only a fragment, however educated the extrapolater. such data sets pose huge problems to contemporary science. models are used to help recreate missing data and to measure variables in variable systems, etc., but models are limited by our imaginations and weighted by our preferences and biases. and yet society and politics demand that we construct history and science from limited data. so, incomplete information is misinterpreted in an effort to design solutions or explanations to perceived problems, which don’t exist in the form that we perceive them. future long-term, global-scale scenarios are predicted from modelled recreations of short-term, local incomplete data sets.

in this age of almost infinite amounts of available information, how can we know which sources to trust?

glass is made from silica (sand potentially being the source), and the glass used here probably existed in the form of bottles in a former life. somewhere along the line these were discarded and smashed, the pieces somehow making it into the sea and travelling with the water and stones. the fragments were bashed and rubbed and worn and eroded to varying degrees of smoothness, to be transformed and deposited as glass pebbles and sand.
these nuggets were then joyously, laboriously collected by me, scouring through sediments on warm, sunny, British beaches.
or similar.

the holey vessels were constructed to add another step to this process of transformation and recycling. in part, this references something of the natural cycling of nutrients (‘nutrients’ being the collective term used to describe the chemicals that are fundamentally required by living organisms) in the environment, an ongoing, unstoppable process. we will all be fully recycled when our time comes, and what we now comprise of has already been round incalculable times (including during our lifetimes). how much of you was once me, and of me you? imagine how much we might have exchanged in the past, or will yet share.

i’m unsure as to whether to elect to become earthworm or smoke next. really I’d like to be nibbled into my next existences via fishes and zooplankton. but I don’t think that’s legal.



holey vessels