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Invisible light

(published 4 January 2011)

I walked from Trevan Point to the Rumps in the cold northerlyish wind yesterday; patchy sunlight between thick cloud, lowering to bright rays over the sea and a beautiful sunset. Seeing the colours of the burned-black gorse, fresh yellow flowers, bright turquoise of the wintery sea and myriad greys in the sky got me thinking about the light illuminating the scene. I always envisage visible light as colourless, and yet in reality it is comprised of all colours - every single conceivable shade is included in that transparent ray (or particle) that whistles past me, and of which a small portion is bounced back from the surface of the world to my receptors.

Funny that the light by which we see should be referred to as visible when it is, to us, invisible light.

First day of a new term today, for many; back to the process of learning, of knowledge acquisition, of education.

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