Liminal is an exhibition of my new work to be shown at Hay Studio, Cornwall from December 2nd to 9th 2016.


liminal - (i) of or relating to a sensory threshold; (ii) barely perceptible; (iii) of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase or condition


The works are related to explorations of being between; of information to knowlegde; transitions, uncertainty, and thresholds; of threads and routes through disorientation; of clarity and fog; of impact of environment and situation on growth; and include drawings, photography and multimedia pieces.

The opening of the exhibition will coincide with a performance of 'Miles and Miles' by Karen Christopher and Sophie Grodin, on Friday 2nd Dec at 7 pm.

On 9th Dec, at 7.30 pm, Andy Sheppard's Hotel Bristol are playing, after which the exhibition will close.

For more details of the performances, or to buy tickets, see the Hay Studio website.

Between December 2nd and 9th my work can be viewed at Hay Studio by prior arrangement; contact me for further details.


the exhibition