virtually resident : images




Through the course of the residency in the Silicon Photonics lab at the University of Surrey I became increasingly fascinated and mystified by thoughts about light and transparency (this latter being as dependent on the light wavelength as on the intrinsic material of the object in question).

These thoughts have (in part) resulted in the production of various photographs relating to the project, including 35 mm and medium format slide film, polaroid photographs and photograms, x-ray photographs, and digital images. These media all interact with light in different ways.

Thoughts of transparency also prompted the creation of various glass objects, notably a number of blown glass structures inspired by ring resonators, minscule photonics devices.

I also enjoyed drawing the complicated and visually intriguing equipment and experimental set-ups in the lab. Some of these drawings were made in the 'clean room' - a room in which particles are filtered out of the air meaning that my usual pencil and paper were not allowed, since they result in tiny fragments of graphite and paper being shed, instead drawing with biro on special, blue, shed-free paper.

Subsequently I have worked in the print studios at the University of Plymouth, making a variety of prints, made using etching and solarplate, and text-based works made using letterpress.

Information acquired, learned, understood and misunderstood through the process of the residency have been incorporated into a book, utilising, among other things, the letterpress and print facilities at the University of Plymouth. A single copy of this book is being made, straddling, with blurred boundaries, the worlds of information and misinformation.